FermiFab User's Guide


Christian B. Mendl, 2009-2010


1.1 What is FermiFab?

FermiFab stands for 'fermion laboratory' and is a particle physics toolbox for small numbers of fermions. It is intended for numerical as well as analytical calculations and centered around Slater determinants and the index mapping for creation and annihilation operators, i.e., the antisymmetry of fermions is inherently incorporated into the toolbox.

You can obtain further help for individual commands by typing help command.

1.2 Keywords

Slater determinants, second quantization, creation/annihilation operators, reduced density matrices, quantum channels.

1.3 Download

You can obtain FermiFab from the Sourceforge project site. Use the revision control system subversion to "checkout" the latest working copy:

svn co https://fermifab.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/fermifab FermiFab

Alternatively, in case subversion is unavailable, there is a direct link to an instantaneously generated package [ tar.gz ].

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